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About Lincoln Scraping

Scraping from the Netherlands.

Who are we?

Lincoln Scraping is a young start-up from the Netherlands that offers companies easy accessible datasets
and custom web scraping solutions.


Situated in the Netherlands.



Founded in 2022.



Eager to grow.

How we do our job

At Lincoln Scraping, we value the accuracy of our data. Therefore, we will only upload datasets when we judge them to be finished.

New data can pop up at any moment; therefore, we aim to update our data several teams per year.

There’s a chance the dataset you require is not available in our data market. Therefore, we offer the possibility to request a custom dataset.

We value you

We value you as our client. We are dedicated to giving you the datasets you need.
You are more than welcome to contact us and ask us anything about our datasets, or request a custom set.